Hollywood Forever

What happens when you get everything you always wanted?

One simple question asked beautifully in Christopher Herz's new novel, Hollywood Forever.

First let me preface this by saying that I am a bit bias towards Christopher- he is not only a great author, he is a pretty cool guy. I could read his grocery shopping list and be all nerd girl excited. He could write out the New York phone book and I'd buy a copy.

Okay you get the point.

My tendencies to be a little obsessed should not deter you from buying, reading, and absolutely loving this book. 

After a rousing speech at the DMV, Harold Hill becomes the 'it' guy. A trending topic. His picture taken on cell phones and posted on Facebook pages. 
His sudden popularity has Hollywood- or in this case Anti-Hollywood calling.
Harold becomes a new leader for a new generation of watchers. His dreams come true, but in the process he must leave his past behind. And how does this affect his future and the people he loves?

The question: 
What happens when you get everything you always wanted?

Answer? That's up to you. Christopher's style of writing allows you to answer the question. His writing has you thinking long after you read the last word. 
Be prepared to savor this book!!!

Hollywood Forever comes out on January 29, 2013, but is available right now for pre-order on Amazon.com

Note:  I did receive a ARC of  Hollywood Forever from the author and Amazon Publishing.  I was not asked to write a review, positive or otherwise.  No money was given to write this review.  The reading and writing was done out of the kindness of my heart and 100% truth.
Please note any links or pictures are through the Amazon Associate Program.  If you buy the book I get like half a penny.


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