Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mother Mary Come to Me.

Among my very small (two) collection of art books I have a book solely (soul-y) dedicated to art of the Virgin Mary.  She's a pretty popular subject.  I am drawn to (but don't draw) religious art, but I am not religious.  I don't even call myself spiritual.
When people say they are spiritual I think it's a cop-out.  It's like saying you're a vegetarian but you eat fish.
If you look at some of the best works depicting Mother Mary you notice a common bond:the artist aren't (what some would say)  'religious'.  Some don't even believe in God.  It's funny (not ha-ha funny).
Each artist depiction of Mary (and sometimes child) is determined by the place and time the art was made.  Mary in African art is black.
 Spanish and Mexican artist depict Mary as Latino.
Mary is even Chinese.
 And in Eastern Europe she has wide hips and bushy eye brows.
 She has a hole in her womb
and tears in her eyes.
  She is young.  And old.
And always beautiful.

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