Saturday, July 7, 2012

Abortion Suckers

Did I shock you with that title?  Linked. and Baited.

I went to a small town parade this weekend, it was lovely.  Floats and bands and businesses and local politicians selling their wares, throwing candy at little children.  I can't sit through commercials on T.V. but for some reason I can watch them floating down the street handing me fliers as I sit in my foldable lawn chair.   Good times.  Good times.
 I am always a bit uncomfortable taking anything from people walking in parades, I don't like things forced on me, well except Tootsie Rolls. Tootsie Rolls and a estimate on roof repair.   Good thing there is always an over abundance of Tootsie Rolls and estimates at parades.  
This festive holiday parade gave me Tootsie Rolls and Flavor-Ices and estimates and VBS flyers and Abortion Suckers.
Little round lollipops handed out to adults and children with little baby feet on the sucker and a quote on the stick telling you that the little feet you are about to lick are that of a ten week old baby.  Great.  Sugar with a side of guilt.   
I took my sucker like a champ, handed over by some young girl.  A young girl too young to be handing out abortion suckers but just old enough to get an abortion.  If she needed it.  Not saying that she'd even consider it.  But sometimes you sing a different tune when you find yourself in a situation.
A situation that finds you:
*No support from your family.
*No support from your good for nothing 14 year old boyfriend

It's always different when you are IN it.  The thick of it.  Because one day you're the girl handing out Abortion Sucker and the next you're the girl feet up in stir-ups praying it will all just be okay.
And it will be okay.
Because these decisions aren't made by the stick of a sucker.  They are often made over tears and fear.  And hope.  Hope that it will all be okay.  One day.
It will be okay.

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