Monday, May 7, 2012


My house is turning into Disney central.  Major.  We talk, eat and breathe Disney right now.  My children are  saving their pennies for their very first trip there.  They Youtube Disney rides to figure out which ones to ride and which ones to skip.  The girl watches clips of little girls meeting princesses.   This makes me glad we waited till they were older, they really are invested in this trip.
We also have a ballet recital coming up and the song the girl is dancing to just so happens to be from a Disney movie.  We listen and practice dancing to it everyday.  That leads to listening to other songs and that leads to wanting to watch a particular Disney movie.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
All this Princess stuff raises the question that plagues all moms with little girls; Am I setting up her up with  unrealistic expectations?  Do I want her growing up thinking a man is going to save her?
You know the whole debate so I am not going to bore you with the details.
Really there is no debate with my daughter,she is a bit independent minded.   The first time she actually watched a Princess movie from start to finish something happened to calm the raging argument in my head.
I saw her face as Ariel and Prince Eric kissed and were wed.  It was a sight.  Arms crossed.  Rage in her  eyes.   "Married!  I hate married!"   The very idea that Ariel gave up her mermaid tail for a man was so disturbing to my little four year old.  She couldn't comprehend such a travesty.  A  year later she still can't.  Marriage is not even a possibility now.  Which I know will change possible one day.  Right now she wants to live with me forever and travel the world.
I let her believe this is the way it will be.  Who am I to squash her dreams?

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