God and Standing Mixers

There are those few moments when we are young. Or old.  Or just yesterday where we think we can change another person. Or a group of people. Or the whole world.  We want to play God.  Or be like God.  When I was younger I was told to be God-like but not try to be like God.  It's a fine line.  There is a gray line there.  Or a grey line.  I never know which way to spell gray/grey.  When I look up that TV show that has Gray/Grey I always get it wrong.  I don't watch that show anymore.   I hate how they think they are God.  Not God-like but they are like God..  They are Doctors.  All doctors need a like-God ego.   Otherwise they'd be horrible healers.
I saw a painting once of a Doctor helping a child and Jesus was leaning over the doctor's shoulder.  Like the painting of Jesus walking with the small boy who plays baseball.  And if you put that Jesus in jeans and a rock t-shirt and dirty up his hair a little it's a painting of a small boy who plays baseball with a pedophile walking behind him.  It's all about how you perceive things. And what type of rock t-shirt you wear.

Today I made bread and in my mind I put away the standing mixer five times but never actually put it away.  And I stood there at the counter in front of the standing mixer and I yelled at it "I put you away in my mind like five times."  And my children laughed at me.  And I laughed at myself. I will remember that forever.  Or at least I hope I do.


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