Tuesday, October 18, 2011


True to my 18 year old self I am spending my days trapped in my house listening to Tori Amos all day, 'cept for wine I am drinking coffee.  It's been about a decade since I have listened to one of Tori's albums all the way through.  I blame technology.  When is the last time you bought an actual CD? One that you have to actually open the package to get to.  Shiny mirrored image disc. One that has all the tracks on it, and a booklet.  One that you start at the begining and listen all the way through?  Heard from start to finish a musicians story.  Been awhile I bet.
I didn't buy Tori's CD, I downloaded it.  Hypocrite I know.  I needed the instant gratification.  The idea of going in my car, driving fifteen minutes to the store, praying they had the CD, purchasing said CD, driving home giddy with anticipation, spending 20 minutes trying to open said CD, plugging in my stereo, placing CD in tray and pushing play is just too much.  Now I hit a button, wait less than five minutes and BAM! Tori in my media player. 
When I was in my younger years I always went to the music shop on my town's main street.  Because I was a hipster.   I'd go to the record store because it was way cooler to buy the new Tool album in a store that smelled like patchouli and sold certain paraphernalia in the back than at a store that sold adult diapers. I'd walk home, put the CD in my player and listen.  Ahh! the good old days.
One day I will go back into a record store and visit the good old days.  Maybe I will even buy a CD for old time sake.  Than I'll bitch and moan because I  can't get it open- because that was the best part of buying a CD, bitching and moaning about the wrapping.
Today I will enjoy a little Tori and a lot of coffee. 
Till next time.

I highly recommend Tori's new album if you are into that kinda of music. Night Of Hunters is in a song cycle so to get the full effect you have to listen to the whole CD from start to finish.

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