Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reading Goals.

This is becoming a dirty habit. It can't be helped. I listen to music all day long.I like to listen to music when I cook/clean/read/craft/lounge/journal/blog.

The other day I came upstairs and told my husband I was crafting and listening to Jay-Z.
I was Gangsta Scrappin'.

I thought it was hilarious.  Him, not so much.

I have my own little craft area, that I share with my five-year-old daughter.  She's a little creative genius.  The other day her friends came over and she said, "Just so you know I am not painting, I am Mod-Podging." 

I was a proud mommy.  (Wipes tear)

This weekend I worked on creating a way to keep track of the chillens' reading.
Our school district is limiting homework, but they are encouraging independent reading time.  To start the year off they suggested 60 minutes of reading a week, and by the end of the year they are hoping for 120 minutes, minimum, of reading a week.
To me this is a drop in the bucket, to my eight-year-old it is pure torture.

I wanted to find a way to have the kids see their goal and track their progress.  I decided to use goal thermometers....
I couldn't do it plain.  I had to jazz it up a bit.  It's a sickness.
Cute right?  It's right on the freezer door, easily accessible and easily viewed.
I found the printable thermometers here.
I divided the thermometer to match our goal.... 
Excuse the horrible glare.

At the bottom of the thermometer I have a magnet marker for each kid.  These magnet were some small circle ones I had on the fridge, I decorated them a bit...What? I'm sorry, it's a sickness.

As they read the magnet goes up....

And up.
 And hopefully every week we are off the charts.
A little motivation.  That Dr. Seuss, what a smart man.

Happy Reading!

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