Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When A Boycott Is Not Worth It

You all heard the horrid story, Amazon and their choice of books to allow in their Kindle self-publish store.
And as much as it horrifies and scares me that someone could write about on this subject.
  And as much as I believe in free speech and this is one of those cases that really pushes the limits.
I am not going to talk about either of those things.
This whole boycott call infuriates me.  People calling Amazon, emailing Amazon.  DEMANDING removal of the book.  Writing in the review section how terrible Amazon is and how they are going to BOYCOTT Amazon until they remove the book but not before the drive up the traffic and increase this book's sales.
The truth is IF Amazon decides to remove the book everyone will pat themselves on the back and move on with their life.
But they forget there are still children out there EVERYDAY being abused by people.  Adult people.  Adult people they don't know.  Adult people they do know.  Adult people they trust.
And not enough people are standing up for for the children and adults who suffer in silence. Everyday..
A boycott of Amazon doesn't stop pedophiles.  It doesn't stop the cycle of abuse.
But IF the book is removed you will pat yourself on the back and think you have helped the greater good.
But you have done NOTHING.
If you for any reason wrote a comment on that books Amazon page.  Or tweeted with a vengeance.  Or called for boycotts I ask.  I beg.  I appeal to your concerned nature to do the real work that matters.
Email, call your lawmakers.  DEMAND that THEY stiffen punishment for sexual offenders.  DEMAND that THEY help support victim advocate groups.
Thumbing your nose at Amazon is not the real work.

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