Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Timmy Time

Timmy Time is the newest cartoon to the Playhouse Disney line-up.  Isn't he a cutie?

If you think you have seen Timmy before you are correct, he can be seen with his friend Shaun the Sheep, both created by the great minds at Aardman Animation.  Timmy is leaving the flock and heading to preschool and Timmy Time shares his adventures.
I have my own little "Timmy" heading off to 4-K this year and all the wonderful things she has to learn Timmy has to learn too.  We watched Timmy as he had  to wait his turn and take turns, which we all know is a HARD for any preschooler.
What is different about Timmy Time is your little ones are learning through actions, as Timmy and his friends use there own natural animal sounds.  I have to admit my kids asked why there was no"real words??" They got over it real quick. Timmy is a great example that actions speak louder then words.
So wanna see Timmy in action?   Check him out on Playhouse Disney at 7/6c or check out his very own website, TimmyTime.com or his special Playhouse Disney page.

Disclosure: I was given preview copy of Timmy Time" and nothing else, no monetary compensation was given.  The opinions above are my own.

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  1. LOL - you change the blog again. Looks good (as always). My little guy has been babbling about Timmy Time recently. he was so upset the other day when he wanted to watch it and we had not put the DVR on. Ooops! Looking forward to sitting down and seeing the ones we have recorded.


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