Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today I kicked a laundry basket in frustration.   I think I muttered the words "GOD DAMN"- with probably a few more choice words added in for good measure.  For a second it felt good.
Okay lets be real, frustration that manifests itself out, into me kicking a laundry basket and cussing like a sailor on leave, is actually anger.
A spade is a spade.
Anger issues?  Yeah I got them.
I have been reading "Fury" by Koren Zailckas.
It is theraputic.  And true.  So So true.
Fury: A Memoir

More later.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of Fury to preview.  The above is my own word and is true- My toe still hurts from kicking the laundry basket, that was piled high with crap.

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  1. I have terrible anger issues. I so need to check out this book!


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