Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Fun and A Clean Front Hall Closets.

Summer has taken hold, sucking me under into a world that blogging takes last place.
But I am alive.  ALIVE!
Today it will rain all day and I have laundry to catch up on.  Yes I mention the mortal mommyblogging enemy.
And a  book to finish.
And a double birthday party to get ready for.  13 more days until I have 30+ people journey from all over my great state to pay homage to my two wonderful children.
But for now I will leave you with my new and improved front hall closet, which always seems to fall hard after a cleaning.
I hope these extreme measures of organizing work.
 S-shower curtain hooks from Wallie World  to hang my very pathetic purse collection and those very environmental friendly grocery bags I always forget to bring with me when I go grocery shopping.
Nice Huh?
Add a vertical shoe rack also from Wallie.  Shoes on the ground is the biggest mess-maker, hoping this keeps them organized!
Baskets on top for hats and scarves.  Next week I might buy matching containers to store them, but this should do for now!
Spring/summer coats. The black bags contain all the stuff that needs to find it's rightful owner. 
The metal skirt hanger is for drying out all those wet gloves, hats and scarves come winter.   Works like a dream!
Please ignore the plastic bags on top: Supplies for above mentioned homage.
Hard to see from the glaring light of the flash, and the white on white, but this is an accordion style hook placed at kid level   
Let the kids hang up their own coats I say.
  Independence is the name of the game here.  
"A clean house is a happy house."  Someone said that right?  Can they come and clean the rest of my house?  I am fricken exhausted.


  1. LOve it! Can you come and organize mine now?

  2. Wow looks really nice. So when you coming to my house? Ill watch all the kids.


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