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They grow
features change.
Limbs become longer.
Knees and wrist
joints expand
to bare the weight of a body.  
Watching these changes
we are somehow side-lined.
We are just a witness.
It is so easy to get wrapped up
in other's passion.
To join their arguments.
To find your gut twisting
with their voice.
You can't separate the line
where their feelings end.
And your's begin.
It is very certain
that at least once in your life
you will act like an asshole.
Because you can't hold your tongue.
You speak out of turn.
You question.
The minor cause
becomes your moment
to truly shine.
Because in a small way
we are all assholes;
some just let it show more.

Winters are starting to feel  like the ultimate deja vu  now that I am older.   Because white is white  and cold is cold.   And I can't hold onto the idea  that this weather is enjoyable.   Mostly the cold is just painful.   I have written about this before,  the ultimate 'been there-done that'.  I write in the circle of the seasons.


I think the greatest poetry is a lyric.
A song by someone
Who feels each word.
And adds the melody.
"Listen to the lyrics,"
I tell the children.
Because if you can go beyond the beat
If you leave the noise
Really feel the rhythm
of what is being said.
And felt.
There is no greater.

My favorite right now 
"And you'll find somebody you can blame And you'll follow the creek that runs out into the sea And you'll find the peace of the Lord." ~The Middle East 'Blood'

Words, Fail.

2015, write more.
Because at one time
 I loved it.
 I needed it.  
Words were a life blood.
They pumped through me.
Kept me alive
A heart
 A way to connect to something.
 It wasn't about being great.
 Or even good.
My fragments were the pieces
 that connected me.
To myself.
With myself.