Tuesday, April 15, 2014

sunny day

I woke up the kids yesterday and they complained about the snow and the cold.  And throughout the day I heard all the random comments about the endless winter.  And sometimes I found myself complaining of the chill and the wind.  
I live in a spot where winter in April is not unheard of.  Springs are short, summers are humid and winters drag on beyond anyone and everyone's expectation.  We are all done.  DONE!! With this weather and this winter.  
The ground is so frozen that we might have to wait to plant and mow and put water in the pools etc. etc.  The cold set so deep in the ground that all Spring activities are on hold and that will spill over into summer.  Our outside lives are on hold. 
Tulips for Easter will not be a thing this year. 
Daffodils in May.  
Tomatoes planted in June.  
Don't count on a big harvest, plan accordingly.   
Pray for an Indian Summer.  
Dream of a vortex that doesn't swoop down and brittle our bone next year.
Dream of a warm and sunny day.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the dance

I straddle the gray line.
One foot in the past.
I take it out to move forward.
The other glides back.
I roll my head to the side,
to see what I am missing.
A hand reaches out
to feel what has past.
My hips propel me forward.
My shoulders hold me back.


Yesterday was long but I made sure I did one me thing.  I'm trying it more.  Making it so I do one thing I want to do, not have to do or...