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I don't quite have this working/mom thing down quite yet.  I missed all the fun stuff like adequate pumping and late night feeding intermixed with early morning meetings.  I am lucky that way.  But there is still a balance that I am missing.  My job allows me to be with the kids without in between time.  No need to find child care or sitters.  I am too blessed to complain.  I still will.
I want to write and tell you all about my new job, but there is a need for privacy with the kids I work with. What I say and how I say it has to be carefully worded.  I don't know how to say it in the right way.
Most of my day consists of encouraging handshakes instead of hugs.  Figuring out a way to adapt seventh grade science classes to suit a social obligation and an academic need.  Pin-pointing the causes, direct and otherwise, of severe aggression.
My day is beyond active and it stretches me to my limits.  I have to be flexible and ready to change on a dime.  Then come home and plan a d…