Monday, September 23, 2013

making other plans

So the plan: School starts. Take a day or two or five to chill-ax.  Start subbing full-time.  Get teacher/staff recommendations.  Hopefully start working full-time after the New Year.

What happened: Last week of summer.  A call to start subbing right away for a week or two.  Started subbing the first day of school.  Requested to fill the position I was subbing for.  Interviewed.  Got the Job.

It happened so fast.  Unexpected and so amazing.  I wake up, get dressed, send my kids off to school and I go to work.  
I work with children who need help the most.  I am part of an amazing team.  I am working hard and at the end of the day my bones are tired but my soul feels so good!

Life had me there for awhile.  The stress and anxiety of not knowing what would come next.  I forgot that life is what happens....


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