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Retro Redo

I have this weird thing for retro ads. Inappropriate retro ads.  Sexist, inappropriate retro ads.  They are so sad they are funny.
Mostly it is knowing we've come along way baby.
I had a little fun re-doing one of those old ad, giving it a update for modern times. 
 The Old:

The New:

Thank you to Rebecca at Raccoon School for the challenge.


~Some mornings I sleep till seven am.  My body jerks awake, a mental alarm clock reminds me there are kids to get dressed and fed and off to school.  I rush around getting all that needs to be done done.  My body is rested enough to endure the rush. 
Some mornings I wake up early.  I can sip my coffee while watching the news and surf the net.  I sit in the silence before the rest of the day bogs me down.
There are pros and cons in sleeping in to meet the rush.  Ther is pros and cons in waking up early to enjoy the peace.  I like both.  There are times I need one over the other.  I'll take what I can get.

~I love "Boy With a Coin"  it is one of my favorite songs.  It is one of those songs that when it comes on I turn it up and listen.  I can never turn it off or switch songs.  I almost seems sacrilege.  
I love the video.
At the end of the video all the dancers watch one dancer and as she moves art is created on the floor and birds fly from her dress and I think how luck…

Things that I say but probably shouldn't say

I had a fight with my husband and as much as I wanted to write about it I knew I couldn't.  I hate dragging out my dirty laundry.  And as much as I wanted the validation of being right, because I was right, I still wanted someone to tell me I could be wrong.  Is that weird?  Does that make sense?  Let me rephrase:  I was right, I was so right,  right about everything I said and did but I wanted someone to tell me I wrong because I didn't want to be right.  And all you all would have told me I was right, and I just couldn't have that.
Shoo!  That takes a load off. 
The fight wasn't anything to horrid, like cheating or something that would break up a marriage.  But it was about money and money can cause a marriage to break up but it wasn't that bad.  It was about how money should be spent and how and if we have the money to spend should it be spend on what we want vs. what we need. 
Fun right?
Yeah no.  It did involve a 3 day "silent treatment" session.
I d…

5 reasons why I am not Blogging

The holiday everything is keeping me busy.Putting on "THE BIGGEST FUNDRAISER OF THE YEAR" for my child's school is a lot harder then I thought.Brain Farts.I want to write about something, and I can't write about that something and because I want to write about that one thing and can't write about that one thing I can't think to write about anything else.Helping out a friend.