Friday, August 30, 2013


Long ago I decided to give blood.
I was young and trying to get out of math class.
I sat in the chair
they found my vein.
I sat as the blood slowly trickled out of me.
Oh so slowly.
People next to me came, donated and left.
Rinse and repeat.
The nurse checked on me often.
Told me I was slow to bleed.
Laughed and left.
The term is 'Give til it hurts"
and I did.

Monday, August 12, 2013


I can't even read this story.  It's the fear.
 When someone you know is going through the same changes and this happens you feel this heaviness.
 In your heart
and in your mind
and in your soul.
There is so much change.
 All your thoughts of  who they were
and who they are
and what they were to be
is different.
 But still the same.
  It's this inner battle,
a conflict of your heart.
Because no matter how they dress.
Or who they define this self as.
They are mostly and above all a person you love
with your whole heart.
and your whole soul.
and your whole self. 
You love them whole.

Monday, August 5, 2013


Life's funny.  Not ha!ha! funny....okay it's ha!ha! funny.

The 'f' key on my keyboard doesn't work.  If I push the 'f' key lightly it looks like this: ''.  When I push it hard it looks like this 'f'.  'm' too.  It akes lie hard..  Makes life hard.


I never knew much about my Grandfather's job.  I knew he was a police officer.  A Sergeant on the Chicago Police Force.  When he came ho...