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Ramble On

I don't look at my stats much.  Curiosity gets the best of me.  I flat lined or Google Analytics is broken.
I have been getting a bunch of Spam on one post, so I set up comment moderation to field the spammers.  One post, it's a short post and everyday I am deleting more spam comments. The fact that I am deleting comments everyday makes me believe someone is coming here and the negative stats I am showing HAS to be wrong.  Right?   RIGHT?
The idea that I have no readers means I am talking to myself, but at least I am not answering back.  In the comment section.  With the spammers.
Is it possible to spam oneself.  I have been working on starting a little internet biz so I guess essentially I could spam myself.  Then I could hate myself for spamming myself and that would set me back in this whole self-healing thing.


Is there anything worse then a sick mama? 
Is there such thing as a mommy sick day, or is it just a myth?
Nothing like using my blog to bitch about my sickness, but it is my blog and I will do whatever I want.

This morning I woke up to two horrifying things....
Dried boogers on my lips.  As the snot slowly dripped down my nose, it landed on my lips and crusted.  Do boogers have any nutrition value?  And contrary to what my three year old says: boogers do NOT taste like lollipops.Somewhere between bed time and waking up time Nolan had a bloody nose.  He had blood encrusted on his face, hands and hair.  It was a horrific sight.  Luckily he woke up before I did, because if I saw him in bed sleeping with all that blood I probably would have had a heart attack.  The fact that I am typing this right now is a miracle.  I can hardly keep my eyes open, the pressure is pounding.  Not even the good stuff, you know the stuff you have to sign your life away for, is doing much of anything.  Shoving …

5 Facts/ 5 Minutes

I stole this MEME from one of the only blog I read every single  posts, Fever.  I played along in the comment section and realized I should save all that good stuff for my own blog.  Who am I kidding, some of my best stuff is in her comment section.  Anyhoo here is my 5 facts.....

1. I might do something that will pretty much ruin my bloggy reputation.
And don't ask me what it is cause I ain't telling you- I still haven't decided if I am going to do it.

2.I tell my husband that I like certain dishes that I make, but really I think they are gross and don't want to admit they are bad. Then I tell him I ate the leftovers for lunch, but really I throw the gross food out and I scarf down the kids mac and cheese.

3. I use dish soap in the dishwasher- I have perfected the perfect ratio so bubbles don't come out of the machine.

4. I feed off stress, some of my greatest ideas come when I am an anxious-stressed mess.

5. I watch Teen Mom. And I like it.


Warm weather how I love thee.
My spirits are up.
My face is glowing.
And my computer sits idle.

Life is great!

Motherhood and Writer's Goo

Rainy days bring out the blogger in me.  My brain has been a giant pile of writer goo lately.  What is writer's goo you ask?  Well it kind of looks like this....

Great huh?
Actually life has been getting in the way.  Kids have been keeping me so busy.
Megan has entered this era of sassiness  spunkiness.  She is three and defiant.  I, like every other mom in the world, thought I skated by this moment of disobedience. Once two turned into three and three turned into three and half I thought I was safe.
Not so fast there Susan.
We are never safe, as moms, from that moment when our young toddlers realize we, as their wise parents, know absolutely NOTHING of what we talk about.
I swear the other day she rolled her eyes at me.  Maybe it was just my imagination.
I, of course, realize that a raincoat is protection enough from a rainy day; but I don't want to get all wet today.
She realizes we CAN go out in the rain and play, I can not divert her inside with my total selfish reasoning…

I'm a Doubting Thomas

The Opposite Reaction

Last night I was angry with God.  I won't get into theology here.  I won't share what I believe.  All that matters right now is that I was angry with God.  He packed a shit load of grief at my door step in this short year.  None of that grief directed right on me, but that deep grief on the people I love the most.  I hate that I can't fix it.  I hate that I can't love more.  I hate watching people in deep sadness.  I hate watching the ones I love lose someone special to them.

The tipping point for me last night was reading a story from a dad who is watching his little one die right before his eyes.  I don't know this family.  I have never said a word to them, or seen their faces, but hearing their words of pain was enough to make me give the middle finger to that giant heavenly body.  I wanted to seriously drop kick God.

Now before you whip out your bibles and start quoting passages in the comment section, don't.  Really that doesn't work on me, it only mak…