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My Blogging Mistakes

I often grow weary of the blogging world.  I look back at all I have done in the past two years and part of me is proud and part of me wants to hide under a blanket.  I made my mistakes.  I have learned from them.

I want to share my top five blogging mistakes.....

1. Not being myself.  There are times I go back to a post and think, "Who wrote that?"  That is never a good sign.  In the beginning I wrote how I felt, in the middle I wrote what I thought everyone wanted me to write.  Now I am finding my way back to the beginning.  I write little now, but I try to write what matters.  I don't write because I have to, I write because I want to and this allows me to be true to myself.

2. Taking on too much. I am a total idea person.  Need a good idea you can come to me.  It's the follow-through that I struggle with.  I always have this notion that I can take in the world, but the world is a heavy thing and it will crush you.

In the beginning opportunities abound and I woul…

A Little Help

I am not a blogger who asks for much, just that you read my weekly post.  But today I need your help.  Well I don't really need your help, but someone very close to me does.
My Uncle who was paralyzed in the line of duty and his new bride are looking to win the wedding of their dreams.  If you could take a few minutes and go over to Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest and vote I'd appreciate it!  They are already legally married, but their wedding was in the hospital when my Uncle woke up from his coma, and they deserve more then that! 
 Yes, you have to enter your e-mail and verify it- which I know take more then a minute but it is for a good cause.
And thank you!   If I can repay the favor but voting for you or your special cause, let me know!

Counting Calories

Life is pretty boring.  The only thing that really has changed around here is our quest to eat healthier. Just what you wanna hear about, calorie counting and my silent prayers to STOP feeling hungry all the time.  I know it takes time for the body to adjust, I just wish it would do it NOW!   Hungry Mom=Cranky Mom.
What makes all this healthy eating easier is that the husband is in on it too.  A team, except he gets to eat more calories a day and that makes me a little resentful.  I really don't care if he is bigger, when he gets a second taco and I have to do that whole willpower thing I want to stab him in the stomach.
Some things you notice when you're watching your weight is the prime-time food commercials.  No food is to touch these lips after 7 pm and all I see is cheeseburgers and cheddar bay biscuits.  It is a great conspiracy.  These restaurants know people are on diets, they know the rules.  They also know hell knows no fury like a dieter tempted by sweet, sweet del…

My Everyday

I have been uninspired lately.  Or just plain lazy.  Or not feeling like sharing my daily struggles of getting a six year old out of bed, dressed, fed breakfast, off to school, do homework, go to bed, everyday.  Because something happens when they're six.  Six means to challenge everything.  It is sending my mommy-sanity out the door, she's tired of the screaming, crying and pouting.
We now have this little-big six year old boy-man in a reading tutor program, which starts at 7:30 am.  This is all for his own good, but getting him out the door before 7:50 a.m. was a struggle, minus twenty minutes will prove to be a real strain on that above mentioned mommy-sanity.
The three-year old has turned into her favorite fictional character "Matilda."  We haven't read the book, just watched the movie.
My little Matilda craves independence and uses her hero's example to shun my assistance.  I could enjoy a nice day away at Bingo, or maybe I could entertain some speed boa…

Anxious Still but Not Taking it Lying Down

I am still here. In Real Life stuff has taken over and I have been living it and not documenting it. It is a good thing and a bad thing. Because as much as I love living, I still enjoying looking back and remembering.
These past weeks have been spent planning and putting on a fundraiser for Meg's school. And I did it. A to Z, with a breakdown between M and N and S and T, but I did it.
It is kind of a big deal for me. I am looking at this accomplishment as a big deal. Because so many times I wanted to quit, have I ever mentioned I am good at quitting, cause I am. But I didn't. The anxiety got to me. That's anxiety for you, it is the devil on your shoulder reminding you that the work is too hard. And telling you you can't do the things deep down you know you can do.
Anxiety makes your heart clinch and your palms sweat. It makes you doubt yourself, and beats you down and then pummels a little more.
But I made it through. And I finished it. And I did it.